The Everyman Armor
2009 - 2011
Dimensions Variable
Mixed-Media Installation and Single-Channel Video (12:13 min)
In collaboration with Alison Guidry

Using the idea of distortion, in particular the way media representations amplify projections and myths, this project probes and plays with my North Korean heritage. The Everyman Armor is life-sized and made of gourds, eggplant skins and other vegetable matter. In the context of the exhibition it stands in as my North Korean shadow and its materiality refers to the way food is often used by wealthy countries as a geopolitical weapon.

The video, Compressed Visualizations, takes the viewer “inside” the armor via images taken from North Korean paintings and a mixture of found and family footage. The exhibition traveled from the Fisher Landau Center in New York to Galerie Ferdinand Van Dieten in the Netherlands, and to South Korea for the Changwon Biennial 2011.